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Three points to succeed promotion using Facebook Live feature (with case)

28 12月 2018

Hello everyone! It is DTK AD’s marketer, Boafis.


I wrote about six points I wanted to see before I started video marketing for Facebook the other day in Thailand .


Continuing from the video, I will write about the Facebook Live feature this time.


What is Facebook live feature in the first place? I thought you.


After reading this article you will want to challenge promotion with Facebook Live.


Let’s explain the basic information about the Facebook Live function and the merit of using live distribution from our case.

What is Facebook Live?

From the smartphone or the desktop, the live broadcasting function that anyone can live anywhere is the Facebook live streaming function.


By using Facebook live streaming you can engage in real time with fans on Facebook page with live broadcasting sensation, so you can build close relationships with fans in a real sense.


Facebook Live video is usually that they are viewed 3 times longer of the video data you have from the fact that there may be, are utilized preferred by companies that incorporate marketers and marketing state-of-the-art techniques in the world.

Relationship between Facebook live distribution and newsfeed

Facebook’s news feed will post 4. 475 million contents daily . A Facebook algorithm was introduced to make Facebook use the massive amounts of content more comfortably for users.


The Facebook algorithm is a system that decides what kind of content should be delivered to each user’s newsfeed and is a very important countermeasure for Facebook marketing.


And, it is a pleasure, Facebook has announced that Facebook live content will preferentially show up in the news feed.


To be displayed in the upper level on Facebook’s news feed means that the opportunities to see more content uploaded to more fans will increase.

Three points to succeed on Facebook live delivery (with our case)

So, how can we make a Facebook live distribution a success?


I’ll explain it while referring to the case of live distribution actually performed by our company with a Facebook account called 360 ° JAPAN .

1. Preliminarily announce the date and time · contents of live distribution.


Preliminary preparation before starting live distribution is a very important factor. There will be few fans who will watch live broadcasting suddenly.


Preliminary announcement is effective for gathering more viewers. Instead of starting suddenly live distribution, you can collect fans who will come to see by announcing concrete delivery contents and delivery time on the Facebook page in advance.


Various measures can be taken as a preliminary announcement method.


It is good to announce it on other SNS, it is also effective to make artwork images and announce them on Facebook page beforehand.


Actually, as a measure our company made with 360 ° JAPAN’s Facebook account, we created an event page and described details of the live distribution and delivery time of the Facebook live broadcast.


In addition, we conducted measures to reach more people by posting Facebook advertisement on this Facebook live announcement event page.

As I had notified beforehand, I was able to earn a lot of reach, engagement and playback numbers.


Please see below for specific figures.


Organic reach number: 67,804

Engagement number: 1,984

Number of views: 16,771



The day of the week, live delivery is very important. In order for more people to watch it, we analyze the day and time when fans of our fan page are online and decide the date and time to deliver live.


2. Make the title on the Facebook live delivery attractive.


Creating compelling titles is one of the most important elements to get Facebook posters to see more users.


Create a title that will briefly explain the content of Facebook Live in a simple way so that many people can pay attention
to it.


3. Reuse videos after live streaming on Facebook.


After finishing the live stream on Facebook, the videos are automatically saved and posted on Facebook page. You can reuse live videos that you thought out carefully in the future.


In our company, since the number of engagement on video content is high on Facebook, I cut off an important part of live video, created a micro movie that was short edited, and posted it as video content.


Live distribution is a very important opportunity to deepen communication with Facebook users. Even taking into consideration that it is displayed preferentially on the news feed, it is also an opportunity to make it stand out on Facebook with many competitors.


The Facebook Live feature is available to all users.


Using the Facebook Live feature, you can do a product demonstration, publish the work scenery of the company, set up a weekly question and answer session, and so on.


Have you ever used Facebook live features?


DTK AD also supports promotion using the Facebook Live feature.


If you would like to try a promotion different from other companies using Facebook Live, please contact us from here .