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Seven remarks to encourage WEB marketers

11 12月 2018


Hello everyone! It is DTK AD’s marketer, Boafis.

There is no inspiration, content can not be made, it does not lead to results easily …

WEB marketing staff have never had such a problem?

I often hit such a wall.

It is a fame of super famous marketers and great men who are supporting me when I hit such a wall.

This time, I picked up a word that is useful for WEB marketers and a little encouraging.

I would be pleased if you could find any nice quotes from marketing staff.

1. Stop selling. Let’s start to help. – Zig Ziglar

※ Zig Ziglar (Jig · Jiggler) is an American-born self-development artist.

The ultimate goal of marketers is “to sell”.

Considering only about selling, if you are thinking about marketing measures, you tend to ignore the “helping” users and customers.

Once you realize that you “help”, you may return to your original intention by thinking about marketing measures.

2. The wonderful thing about writing is that it does not have to be perfect from the beginning unlike brain surgeons. – Robert Cormier

※ Robert Cormier (Robert Coermia) is an American super-famous newspaper reporter.


For social media staff, writing is a skill that will also make you work.


For example, thinking about captions that are easier to click when posting Twitter or Facebook sometimes uses enormous power.


When you are seeking perfect lighting, that is more difficult.


When you read this word, you can rest assured that you do not have to aim for perfection.