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DTK AD Employee Introduction Marathon vol.3 Matsuda Keita (COO)

12 12月 2018

DTK AD Employee Introduction Marathon vol.3 Matsuda Keita (COO)

Profile: Keita Matsuda (Matsuda Keie)

              Born in 1982, brought up in Tokyo. April 2005 I joined a major internet affiliate. After engaging in Internet advertising sales, new product planning, sales team building, after launching overseas branch office of IT company and salon business division of companies developing hair-make and nail salon nationwide, after overseas expansion of service, 2015 Participated in November DTK AD.

Hello everyone! It is a marketer of DTK AD (DTK), BoFIS.

Following the interview with Koshi Kimura , Representative Director of DTK, I would like to interview Mr. Matsuda of COO this time.

Let’s get down at once!

Why not join DTK AD?

Originally I had never wanted to work abroad, but due to the development of the company at that time, I will be entering China, experienced the launch of the Shanghai branch in 2012, then around the year of July 2013, the Thai branch office I took office as an expatriate to set up the company.

While experiencing overseas business I felt the pleasure of working overseas, realizing the possibilities different from working in Japan and the difficulties unique to overseas.

By the end of 2014 the parent company of the company changed and I withdrew from Thailand with management policy but I myself stayed in Thailand in order to make use of my experience of doing overseas business for two years.

When I felt the difficulty of making a big job that I could contribute to Thailand and Japan alone while staying in Thailand, I asked Kimura to introduce me from my acquaintance.

Listening to Kimura’s aims and strategies for it, I was struck by the magnitude of the vision and the feasibility of that vision among the people I met.

When I was with this person, I felt that I could provide services and solutions that I could contribute to Thailand · Japan, I decided to work the day after meeting and I worked together a week later.

Looking at COO What kind of company is DTK AD?

Since I have not worked with many Thai employees, I can not compare with other companies, but I feel that both Japanese and Thai people respect each other ‘s culture.

Thai employees are trying to understand Japanese way of thinking and how to work, and while Japanese people are also marketing Thai, respecting Thai unique thinking, behavior and judgment standards as much as possible, I think that it is a company that is working together, not fitting to the Japanese type.

What kind of company do you want to make DTK AD?

Whatever the person, whatever the background (whatever the background), I would like to build with the motivation and awareness of creating an environment where I can work with a goal.

I would like to a company of a specialist group that is not familiar and can grow each other.

In that respect, it may be an old way of thinking, but I want to firmly penetrate the mission, vision and philosophy of the company and to be a company that can work with the same criteria.

I would like to create a team that can empathize feelings such as being pleased with the same things and regretting with the same things.

It is a cream, it is an image that is a family.

What are your future goals for the future?

That is of course to be able to speak Thai natively. I also want to read and write by as low as can be read.

As COO, I would like to become a COO that can do three things such as structure making, overall management, sales firmly.

To be honest I do not want to take such a table. It is often said that it looks scary …. I want to stick to the other side!

CEO Kimura standing on the table, I think that I want to do it in a good balance while checking finely like a toy and a lord.

– I want to go out to the table, but!

Looking at the employees, COO’s Matsuda is intense, there are images of stoic, but I have the impression that the most around in the company is visible.

I will be able to listen to COO’s thoughts on DTK AD again and I feel lonely that Mr. Matsuda will become even busier and less time spent talking with Mr. Matsuda in the future by making in- , I also felt the excitement as one employee.

I am also looking forward to Mr. Matsuda’s way to make Thai native.

Thank you for your time.

Well then!