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DTK AD employee introduction marathon vol.2 Kimura Koshi (Representative Director)

12 12月 2018

Profile: Kimura Kosi (Kimura Koji)

            Born in 1984, raised in Kansai from Hyogo prefecture (relocated family in Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Bangkok). From the age of 16 he entered the international school in Bangkok, Thailand. I live with my family for a year and a half, but my family left home after leaving Kimura. I have been living in Bangkok alone for 2.5 years from there. Kimura who was a college student at the time touched the warmth of Thai people during the two and a half years and was brought up in a country called Thailand. After returning home, I start a part-time job as a trigger, but someday I will come back to Thailand and would like to give back my business. Establishment of DTK AD in Thailand in 2013. We aim to create smiles for staff, clients, and users while maintaining an advertising agency mainly based on the Internet in Thailand.

Hello everyone! It is a marketer of DTK AD (DTK), BoFIS.

Following DTK’s sales manager Hiroyuki Tomita ‘s employee interview, I would like to interview the president Kimura this time.

Let’s get down at once!

Why try to establish DTK AD?

As you can see on the profile, the place that I was in Thailand is also big. I was thinking that there was something I could do for Thai people who helped warmly when I was feeling painful during my school days.

Through the advertisement and marketing, I established DTK AD Co., Ltd. with the intention of doing business that can make as many smiles as possible.

Looking at the president What kind of company is DTK AD?

Well from around people, a weird company! Character is deep! ! It is said that.

– Surely said well.

It is a multinational corporation that Thai people and Japanese people mix, and I feel that it is a company that is close in touch with Thai as a company’s color from the viewpoint of management.

Management in a multi-national company in Thailand tends to be problematic in that the sense of distance between Thai and Japanese will inevitably come out. Initially we had a lot of opportunities to work with Thai staff, starting with business with one Japanese, but recently the number of Japanese employees has increased steadily with 1 and 2 Japanese people, nowadays four I grew up to have Japanese employees and the number of Thai staff increased, so I’m thinking more about Thai and Japanese management.

I think that DTK is not only an employee, but a company that is relatively close to Thai people’s way of thinking and life. It is natural that we take care of customers and treating Thai people, but I feel that there is also a culture of the company called DTK.

Thanks to many people, “DTK is an interesting company” has increased, but as it is currently in a state of small scale only, it will be more and more various people in the future I would like to work to make it known.

What kind of company do you want to make DTK AD?

I am aiming to be the best advertising agency in Thailand.

For that purpose, I also want the staff working at DTK, related customers, users to enjoy the work that makes them smile.

What are your future goals for the future?

I want to travel around the world!

It’s been a while for me to return to Thailand this time, but I want to look around various countries and see different differences from Japan and Thailand.

Kimura, president of Kimura from the perspective of employees, seems to be a scary expression at first glance, but has thick impression of his brother in his passion, and Thai employees say “Poe (meaning dad in Thai language)” It is called.

I was able to listen to Mr. Kimura’s thought at the time of company establishment again and I got the opportunity to think whether I can offer a solution called “Thank you” to the people involved in the project and the work we are working on now.

Kimura travels around the world! I think that all employees will do their best to work as I can.

Thank you for your time during work.

Next time I would like to introduce Mr. Matsuda of COO.

Well then!