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DTK AD Co., Ltd. Fifth anniversary

11 12月 2018

Hello everyone! It is DTK AD’s marketer, Boafis.

As early as possible, our DTK AD (DTK) celebrated its 5th anniversary on March 15, 2018 today.

I think that the environments where there are lots of excellent people around overwhelmingly more than myself have been completed steadily.

Since it will be in the 6th term, I interviewed the president Kimura about my thoughts of having finished 5 periods safely and 6th ambition.

Successfully after the 5th term

BOFIST : It is DTK which ended safely today for five periods, but I would like to ask again the warm feeling of the president.

Kimura : First of all, I was concerned with simply saying I did it in 5 years.

I truly have repeated various challenges and pivots, and I think at the stage that I finally got a body as an organization. Especially in the 4th and 5th years, I concentrate on enlarging the organization, and I am feeling enthusiastic about new projects, and it is the feeling that everyone worked together in an effort.

As the number of people increased, various internal problems came out and there were lack of hands to the outside when it responded to it · I can say it now, but there was a time when exhaustion happened

As a company, the assignment as an organization is still many, but it seems that everyone is ready to go to the next stage and recently I can not stop again excitedly.

BOUFFIS : Did you have any challenges as a foreigner who is doing business in Thailand?

Kimura : I think recently that the advertising and marketing business itself of Japanese people steering in the market called Thailand itself is challenging in the first place, but since we are foreigners anyway, after all we are not able to understand because of differences in institutions and cultures There are many things that are still surprising even if the Thai history is long like me, such as the gap that will occur. Lol

Still I can not hate that I can not hate it (Thai thing). Lol

I think that it will become bigger as an organization increases the number of “thank you” to DTK, but I think that it has become a company that is gradually said to be “Thank you” little by little five years later.

What are your ambitions for the sixth term?

Boafis : So , I think that there are many goals from the sixth term, but what do you want to do the most?

Kimura : As a task, creating a strong organization.

Stronger includes teamwork and of course, but I am hoping to create an organization that will penetrate without disturbing the philosophy that DTK places in the midst of plans for an increase in the future.

And every year, I will devote myself to get more “thank you” by politely doing work that chewed up brightly and cheerfully one by one!

Boafis : As the president says, “Thank you” feels like DTK gasoline. While repeating the try and error I would like to do my best in the sixth term as well!

DTK of the sixth year will also carry out various projects to deliver smiles to everyone so please look forward to it! !


There have been various processes for the past five years and now there is DTK.

This season will be the year of competition in various ways.

I feel that I am blessed with a good edge and I am thankful for the support of many companies and partners who have come so far.

In the future we will continue to devote ourselves together to realize our vision of “Thank you for speaking from the world”.

Continue to thank DTK in the 6th year.