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A big trend in 2017! A thorough explanation of the basics of influencer marketing

28 12月 2018

Hello, this is DTK AD’s marketer, BoFi.


Recently, as companies increasingly want to implement marketing using Influencer (KOL) as a new way to attract customers, I wrote about ” Six Features of Successful Influencer Marketing “.


As Yoshimoto Kogyo started the influencer marketing business, it is no longer possible to keep an eye on the influencer marketing business.


So, this time, I will explain the trend of 2017 and the basics of influencer marketing.

What is an influencer in the first place?

Influencer is also called KOL (key opinion leader), and in general people who can influence many consumers by performing PR activities such as celebrities, famous athlete, bloggers, services etc. .


Through SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., we have collaborated with influencers with many followers, and now many companies have introduced themselves to their products and services.


As of April 2017, there are more than 3,000 Thai influencers that we can cast , and there are more than 1,000 influencer marketing implementations.

What is micro influencer?

I think that there are many who have seen the word “micro influencer” whenever you read articles related to influencer marketing.


In recent years, many companies have appointed micro influenza are increasing.


So, what is “micro influencer”?


Actually, there is no definition of accurate micro influencers yet.


In general, influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers are called “micro influencers”.


Our company positions it as “micro influencer” based on 10,000 followers. Although it has fewer followers compared to influencer, it has a stronger fan base, and because engagement is high, recently, companies from all over the world have been drawing attention.

Position of influencers

Please refer to our influencer management level for reference.


In the influencer ranking, we manage it in five stages from A class to E class.

From super celebrities and entertainers’ A class influencers, Thailand has various influencers such as bloggers and YouTuber from E class to A class class called Net Idol (net idol).


Here, we will introduce influencer marketing which actually carries out marketing by collaborating with “influencer” and “micro influencer”.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a marketing method that promotes services and products by appointing influencers of each SNS.


By introducing influencer marketing, it is an important merit that you can reach the existing followers owned by influencers. By maximizing the use of influencer marketing, you can greatly lead to the acquisition of potential customers of enterprises.

Do you also add brand power in influencer marketing?

Good influencer marketing can also lead to an increase in brand awareness by planning the content to be posted by the selected influencer and having the reach spread to many people through that influencer.


Influencers range from people who are strong in fashion, sports, beauty, entertainment to people in relatively niche fields from healthy to yoga.


Many companies will be able to recognize their followers and add brand power by selecting influencers that match each branding.


What do you think?


Many companies are now being practiced with trial and error, but there may be few people or companies that understand the essence of influencer marketing.


I hope you understand the basics of influencer marketing in this article.


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