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【2017 version! Reflect Thai inbound in 5 minutes】 Latest data on Thai inbound tourists visiting Japan

28 12月 2018

Hello everyone! It is DTK AD’s marketer, Boafis.


The other day I wrote an article titled ” About Thai Inbound Visited Japan Thinking from Thank You “.


I think that you can understand that the Thai inbound visit to Japan is very exciting in Japan.


Therefore, this time, I would like to look back on the latest data of the 2017 version inbound (Thai tourists visiting Japan) in 5 minutes.


By all means, I would like to use it to attract Thai tourists in 2017.


Let’s go and see you soon!

About the number of tourists visiting Japan from Thailand

Thai tourists visiting Japan are steadily increasing.


That number has more than six times over the past five years. I am growing at a phenomenal speed.

In 2011, the number of Thai tourists visiting Japan, which was approximately 140,000 people per year, is about 900,000 people per year in 2016, which is more than six times more.


From July 2013, it became easier for you to stay in Japan for a short period of time due to visa exemption for Thai people as a background.


Since monthly data of Thai people visiting Japan is released in this article, please refer to it.

Thailand’s popular Japanese sightseeing spot

Japan is very popular with Thai people, but what kind of sights are popular specifically?


According to DBJ ‘s survey “Where do you want to go in Japan?”, Tourist attractions popular among Thai tourists are listed below. (Questionnaire result of 502 Thai people)

1. Fuji 54%

2. Tokyo 49%

3. Hokkaido 45%

4. Osaka 40%

5. Kyoto 38%

6. Sapporo 27%

As I thought, tourists in the golden route mainly focused on visiting Japan.


Interestingly, 70% of Thai tourists are characterized as being repeaters. ( Results of survey by the Consumer Agency of 2015 )


Furthermore, as I gained more visit to Japan, I found out that I am interested in sightseeing to the region centering on Kyushu.


We can expect that the long-term potential visitor-to-Japan repeaters that will visit Japan repeatedly will increase.

How did you think Thai want to travel in Japan?

We will gather information on travel destinations with various media before traveling.


So, why do Thai people want to visit Japan in the first place?


You are interested, are not you?


In conclusion, DBJ ‘s survey found out that Thai people are interested in Japanese food so visiting Japan .


Because it is a Japanese food boom even in Thailand, it seems that many people think that they want to eat authentic Japanese food.


The figure below lists the top 5 reasons Thai people want to travel in Japan. (It will be data based on a survey asking 286 Thai people)

1. I am interested in Japanese food. 60%

2. I am interested in Japanese nature and landscape. 57%

3. I am interested in Japanese hot springs. 50%

4. It is good for security. 49%

5. I am interested in Japanese culture and history. 45%

How do Thai people decide where to stay in Japan?

The number of days for Thai travelers on a japan trip is said to be relatively short.


Please see the following data.

Source source: https://www.jtb.or.jp/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/DBJJTBF-report1-28.pdf


Thai people are tightening a lot to stay over 4 to 5 days.


Thailand’s holiday, about five days of Songkran holidays, etc., because traveling to Japan is closing the majority.


So, how do you decide accommodation?


It is actually 51% to decide where to stay at the online online travel agency of the Internet, matching site such as Skyscanner, Booking.com etc.


35% of Thai people also arranged accommodation arrangements from the website operated by the accommodation.


Surprisingly, it is less than 5% that you apply by telephone or arrange package on tour.


From Thai tourists visiting in Japan to groups such as tours, free personal travel is becoming mainstream.


If you are managing accommodation facilities, how will you improve your site and SNS?

About the remarkable 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, drawing attention from all over the world. For 2020, various inbound measures are becoming common.


According to a survey of the intention of visiting foreign visitors to Japan by DBJ in 2016, it turned out that many Thai people did not recognize that the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020.


The Thai Olympic Games perfect awareness is 27% how much.


For reference, I tried to list up the perception of Tokyo Olympic Games in Asian countries.

1. China 64%

2. Taiwan 38%

3. Hong Kong 34%

4. South Korea 30%

5. Indonesia 29%

6. Malaysia 28%

Surprisingly the Tokyo Olympic Games are not recognized.

It is now an opportunity to improve the Thai inbound measures visited to the Tokyo Olympic Games.


What do you think?


Thai tourists to Japan, which is expected to increase more and more from now on.


From the background of the Thai consumer introduced this time, it will become a future issue for Japan to implement more effective promotion.


Especially targeting repeaters, website management and SNS management will be the best way to attract Thai people.


If you are a Thai inbound tourist visiting Japan, with DTK AD!


Based on our abundant inbound record, we will support promotion based on data.


Please feel free to contact us.